Tabs: Guns n Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine

Woodshed, over at posted this tab for Sweet Child O' Mine awhile back.  Ah, Guns N Roses on Ukulele.  It never sounded so good!  This is a pretty tricky tab, especially when you slide down and back up, but keep at it and it gets easier.  Try not to think about it too much.  I've practiced it so many times now that I can play it even when I'm about 4-5 beers into the night.  Lemme tell you, you might have thought you went to a camp-out with some wallflowers, but once you get some booze in 'em and crank out this little ditty, you own the party.

Video: Gus & Fin’s cover of Joy Division’s “Transmission”

I'm not sure if I've ever seen any other videos of Gus & Fin, but I can tell you that I'm going to search for it now.  They do a freaking great version of Joy Division's "Transmission" (note: remind me to tell you about the steel drum band cover of the same song).  I love the cigar box guitar, what a great tone!  Apparently, the cigar box guitar guy is Gus and the fella on the Ukulele is Fin.  Something tells me I'm going to start stalking these guys.

Video: “Oh, Paris” – Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

So, once again I find my way into a ukulele artist that I know absolutely nothing about.  What a pleasant surprise this video is!  From the tiny bit of information that I've been able to pick up so far, Dent May is apparently from Jackson, Mississippi and he's on tour right now.  Fair enough.

I really like the song writing and production.  Dent May has the pop sensibilities of Trevor Horn, from The Buggles, and he even looks a tiny bit like him.  But, he also seems to have a strong Stephin Merritt leaning as well.  That's fine by me.  Hell, I named my second born after Stephen Merritt, so I'm pretty much a rabid fanboy in that regard.  Anyway, check out the video.  It's charming and delightful!