Original Song: Bed by Ukulele Guy

I wrote this shortly after getting married to my foxy wife (2003, maybe?).  Her family was visiting and they were all out doing something when the power went out at our house for 2+ hours.  As you might have guessed, I typically live in front of the computer, so, for a moment, I was lost.  Then I remembered where my ukulele and the candles were and I got to work.  For those that don't know, I'm the king of writing songs for pretty girls.  And, sometimes those tributes of song pay off.  In the case of my wife, the song tributes paid off and then some and I just wanted to make a song about how rad that was.  I recorded it on the computer when the power came back.  I think there are two ukulele tracks and two vocal tracks?  It's been awhile.

Bed by Ukulele Guy

Video: Ghostbusters by ukeADDICTx

It's not fair, I tells ya.  Look at the crazy mutant fingers on this guy!  Seriously, though, I like this arrangement of Ghostbusters.  Although, to my ear, there are two notes in the beginning that don't quite sound right?  Or, maybe it's because I just woke up.  Anyway, he does one of my favorite tricks when you are doing a ukulele cover and that's to do the melody part of the song and then throw the backing chords in whenever you have a second.  I once watched a video of someone doing Baby Elephant Walk and they did the same trick.  I can sorta do it on Baby Elephant Walk, but nowhere near as goo as this guy.  Now, I have to show this to my brothers.  They are lifelong Ghostbusters addicts!

Vintage ebay: Harmony Child’s Toy Wooden UKULELE+Instructions

So, it's a lazy Sunday afternoon.  It's below freezing outside so I'm watching Ice Age 3 with the family and checking out ebay auctions for fun ukulele stuff.  Then I happen upon this little fella:

Ahhh.. cute!  It looks like something that Ralphie should have played in "A Christmas Story".   You know, like maybe that made some alternative version where he wished for this instead of the Red Rider BB Gun?  At the time of this post, it's only $10 and that seems like a pretty good deal for a vintage ukulele.  Plus, imagine what a badass you would fell like if you were doing Metallica Ukulele covers with a vintage children's Ukulele. So.. there ya have it:
Vintage Harmony Child's Toy Wooden UKULELE+Instructions

Accessories: Uke Thongs! Not just for the ladies!

Well, it's not as scintillating as the title would have you believe, but it's pretty close.  For those of you who find yourself playing Uke while standing up, or walking around (or, as in my case, running from the police) you have probably perfected the art of holding the ukulele against your body while you play.  Well, what if I told you that wasn't neccessary?  Yup, here we are, using our hands like suckers when the Uke Thong could be doing all the work.  Check it out!

Ingenious, I tells ya!  Looking at the auction, there are a couple of different color choices.  Woah.  Black and Hot Pink checkers?!  Sweet.  Those will match my Vans from Junior High!

Original Song: UPS Girl by Ukulele Guy

Ok.  In a classic "put up or shut up" moment.  @ShelfLifeCC on Twitter asked if I had posted any videos or mp3s of myself playing the Ukulele.   Hmm.. well, that's a good idea.  Too bad I have an incredibly short attention span.  So, generally I write a verse/chorus and then move on.  But, here's a song that I wrote for a love song project with a friend.  The concept was all love songs about specific girls.  We only collaborate and practice via Facebook.  So, of course, we haven't  played any shows yet.  But, I hope to soon.  I think we are calling the project, Yohan.  It's a long story.

Anyway, I was bitching that it was hard to find inspiration for a love song project when you work from your home.  I mean, I rarely see other humans during the day.  But.... there was one exception.  The foxy UPS lady!

UPS Girl performed by Ukulele Guy