Video: The Omen by Ukulele Guy

So, nobody busted my chops about it, but I broke my Twitter promise last week.  You remember my Twitter promise, right?  Yeah, I made a promise that every #MusicMonday I would release an original ukulele song.  Well, last week I let ya down.  But, this week I'm back in the saddle with an original ukulele song (in video form).

This is one of the first songs that I wrote on ukulele and it's still unfinished.  I believe it was inspired by The Omen (you know, the movie with Gregory Peck)?  I've also been told that it's reminiscent of Hotel California.  Hmm... all I know is that I'm still not 100% happy with it and I don't think it will ever have words.  But, I'll let you listen and judge for yourself.

The ukulele that I'm playing in this video is my trusty Lanikai CK-TEQ tenor ukulele.  It desperately needs new strings.