$1 Tin Can Ukulele

Well, it's been awhile since I've done this and I'm not exactly sure why. So, here we go!

Today, I was perusing eBay looking for Banjolele deals or just something weird and ukulele-related when I discovered this Tin Can Ukulele (currently only $1!)

Here's a picture of this little beauty.

Tin Can Ukulele
Tin Can Ukulele

It seems like something that a goat would be playing in an old cartoon.  You know, playing his tin can ukulele, chewing tobacco and whatnot.  Heh.  I'm sort of cracking myself up just thinking about it.

Oh, but wait!  I forgot the best part.  It's electric!  Yup, it's got a K+K pickup in it, so you can plug it into your amp and melt faces, should you so wish.  Here's some details that I grabbed from the auction listing:

Neck- Honduras Mahogany
Fingerboard- Rosewood
Headplate- Spalted Sycamore
Bridge- Maple
Nut- Maple
Pickup- K+K Hotspot
Tuners- Gotoh friction tuners

Happy bidding!