Ibanez UKC10 Concert Ukulele

I was looking around Musician's Friend for the new arrivals, just seeing if maybe there is some fancy new ukulele that's gonna break my heart.  Of course, out of 25 new arrivals, exactly one of them was a ukulele.  But, hey, that's better than zero, right?  This is the second Ibanez ukulele that I've looked at and I'm intrigued.  Does anyone out there have an Ibanez ukulele?  The price is pretty good for a starter uke, especially if it's well-made.     Here's some info on the Ibanez UKC10 Ukulele Concert with Bag Natural.

Ibanez UKC10 Ukulele Concert with Bag  (Natural)
Ibanez UKC10 Ukulele Concert with Bag (Natural)

Ibanez UKC10 Ukulele Concert with Bag Features:

* Body Shape: Concert Style Body
* Neck: Mahogany Neck
* Top: Sapele Body
* Tuners: Open Gear Chrome Tuners
* Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge and Fretboard
* Strings: Standard Ukulele Strings
* Finishes: Natural Low Gloss Finish

Ooh!  I just found a youtube video of someone playing the Ibanez UKC10 Concert Ukulele.  Unfortunately a) It's in French and b) I can't embed it here.  But, you can follow the above link to check it out.  If anyone has one of these or has played one, please let me know!