Flying V Ukulele! Do I have to drive to Vancouver now?

From comes this awesome photo of a flying V ukulele.

Flying V Ukulele
Flying V Ukulele

I need me one of those.  Pronto!  I also have to agree with the name of that blog site.  I've only been to Vancouver once, but it ruled.  My "heavy new wave" band (which doesn't feature Ukulele, sadly) was on tour and we played with the Salteens.  Canada is like a magical land where everyone is nice and Paul McCartney is president.  Their indie pop is the best in the world and the musicians are government sponsored?!  Awesome!

eBay: Vintage Surfer Swagerty Singing Treholipee Ukulele

UPDATE:If you found this page looking for a Treholipee, then check out the following deals:

Wow!  I've never seen, nor heard of, one of these before.  Take a gander:

Swagerty Singing Treholipee

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Treholipee Ukulele.  From the auction notes:

Being sold out of local estate is a vintage Swagerty Surfer Ukulele. Called a "The Singing Treholipee". Made in San Clemente, CA, licensed by Don Gardner. From the 1960's, these Ukulele's were used by Surfers. The long headstocks were stuck in the sand while they were surfing. Measures approximately 47" in length. It is in very good condition, except that it is missing one tuning paddle and one tuning paddle is broken off. Please see pictures. Sold "As Shown". I have seen replacements paddles sold on Ebay. Will make a wonderful addition to any collection!

It sounds like this particular Treholipee Uke could use some love, but it's still freaking gorgeous!  I searched through past ebay auction data (check out to see how) and based on the past 90 days of eBay data, Treholipee Ukes sell for about $186 (on average).  So, it sounds like this auction might be worth watching more closely.

Ukulele Hero Decal (only $2.99, with free shipping)

I was looking for something cheap and ukulele-related on ebay.  You know, just something fun that announced to the world how much I love my ukuleles and I bumped into this auction:

Yup, that's a Ukulele Hero Decal.  That thing would look sweet on yer Ukulele case, right?  Or, maybe your guitar case, so the other punk rock kids know that you are secretly rocking the ukulele behind their back.  Or.. heck, it'd look sweet on your car, right?  Anyway, it's only $2.99 with free shipping!

Review: Intelli IMT500 Clip-on Chromatic Digital Tuner for Strings

Intelli IMT500 Digital Tuner
Intelli IMT500 Digital Tuner

Note:  I guess you could call this part two of this post, "Goodbye pitchpipe! Hello $13 Digital Tuner!"

Huzzah!  I got my $13 digital tuner in the mail today.   And, in case you are wondering, I don't have freakishly gigantic hands.  This little guy is tiny and precious!  Mine actually came with two batteries, for some reason, and I'm not complaining about that one bit.  I opened up the box, popped in the battery and we were off and running.  I just clipped it to the head of my uke and started tuning away.  In seconds, I was in perfect tune.  I feel like I have a pretty decent ear, but with a pitch pipe, it definitely takes me a little bit of time to tune my uke.  No more!  What am I going to do with all this extra time?!  I was going to make a video of me tuning my ukulele with this little gadget but a) I didn't know how to hold everything at the same time and b) it literally took 20 seconds.

So, I'm definitely glad I put my money where my mouth was this time.  This is the best ukulele accessory purchase I've ever made.  Yay!