Video: When I’m Cleaning Windows (with Kala Pocket Uke)

I finally got a few free minutes during lunch to make a video showing off the Kala pocket ukulele.
I think that the powers that be must have known I only had a few minutes, though because they kept effing with me.  I'd play the song perfectly and the cat would run by and mess it up.  Or, the shot was great and my brain turned off.  It seemed like it was something every time, so finally, I just decided that I was going to do one more and that was it.  Of course my freaking knee was covering the pocket uke the whole time though.  Doh!

Next time I'll be more careful to let you see the uke while I'm playing it.  Anyway, this song is one of my favorites to play (even if I can't always remember all the words) and my son Simon really loves it as well.  He usually sings the chorus with me if he's anywhere near while I play it.  So, that's pretty fun.  He and I have a Ramones cover band also, (we're called "Second Verse, Same as the First") so maybe I can convince him to make some videos with me of that action.

Anyway, if you have ever watched George Formby play this on Youtube then you'll notice that he uses different chords.  I learned it this way and I guess it just stuck so there's no undoing it now.

Video: George Formby – When i’m cleaning windows

I have to admit that I didn't have any idea who George Formby was until 3 weeks ago.  It seems to me that here in the states, if you only know one thing about the ukulele then you know about Tiny Tim.  I think across the pond, over in the UK, it's George Formby instead.  Now.. everyone should know that I love Tiny Tim dearly!  He was like a walking encyclopedia of tin pan-era music.  But, he's not really an exceptional ukulele player.  I mean, he's great, after watching Formby  it seems to me that Tiny Tim is outmatched.  Formby has some crazy strums!  Also, he's a real crack-up!  I mean, look at those facial expressions!  What do you mean, "Look at what?".  Oh.. right.  Here's the video:

I've been working on a version of this song, but just watching the video now I realize that I play it in a different key.  I start with F and then go to F7 but I think George starts at C and goes to C7.  I'll make a video soon of me playing, but don't get your hopes up.  George is definitely the master.  Maybe I can get my son (Age 5) to sing it with me, though, he loves this song.  This and Big Rock Candy Mountain are our big duos (besides our Ramones covers).