Original Song: Belated by Ukulele Guy #MusicMonday

I've lost track of how many #MusicMonday songs I've given y'all.  I think this might be seven?  In case you are new to the site, for some reason I promised to release an original ukulele song every Monday, on Twitter.  Well... I'm not giving up yet.

I wrote this song in 2005 or 2006 and there was a specific purpose for it.  See, my beautiful wife and our baby son were visiting relatives.  If you are married and have children, then you know what comes next.  That's right, beer and video games.  So, I stayed up till the wee hours playing World of Warcraft and enjoying frosty beverages.  Well.. I was celebrating so much that I forgot to call my wife on her birthday.  Yup, bad news, indeed.

So, in the sober light of morning, I immediately got to work writing this song for her.  The concept was supposed to be all the excuses as to why I didn't call her, but the song was so short that I'm not sure you would understand that if I didn't tell you.  I kinda jammed it all in there.  That's something I often do because of my insanely short attention span.  What were we talking about?  Oh yeah.. the song.

So, here ya go.  This is the song that explained to my wife why she shouldn't file for divorce. 😉


Belated by Ukulele Guy